Home News International Twitter is currently experiencing a major outage.

Twitter is currently experiencing a major outage.

Twitter is down in a major outage

Twitter is experiencing a major outage, with many users reporting “over capacity” error messages. The issues are affecting Twitter web, mobile, and even the company’s TweetDeck app.

While the main Twitter.com domain loads, users are reporting that they are unable to log into the site or access tweets.

In February, Twitter was down twice in a week, with users unable to access the service in parts of the US due to a “technical bug that was preventing timelines from loading and

Tweets from posting.” This is the first major Twitter outage since then.

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, just days after the social network experienced some service issues. Musk is trying to exit a $44 billion acquisition deal based on claims that Twitter has failed to satisfy requests for information on bot and spam activity on the platform.



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