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Why ‘Make In India’ is so imperative to India’s Growth


Make in India program was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on 25 September 2014. It was an initiative to invite major business investors from all over the world (national and international) to invest in India. For all investors to set up their business in any sector in the country (production, textiles, automobiles, construction, retail, chemicals, IT, ports, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, tourism, health, railways, leather etc.) For this is a big opportunity. This attractive scheme has a resourceful proposal for foreign companies to set up manufacturing powerhouses in India.

To make it a global hub for trade (from satellite to submarine, from car to software, from medicine to port, from paper to energy, etc.), the Indian focus is on building an effective physical infrastructure along with improving the market for digital networks in the country. Make in India campaign was started by the government. Its emblem (taken from the national emblem of India) is a giant lion with a plethora of wheels (indicating the path to peaceful progress and a bright future). A lion moving with many wheels indicates courage, strength, perseverance, and intelligence. The Make in India page on Facebook has garnered 1,20,00 likes and has garnered over 130,000 followers on Twitter within a few months from its launch date.

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This national program has been designed to transform the country into a global business hub as it has attractive propositions for local and foreign companies. In order to improve the condition of the youth of the country, the focus of this campaign is to generate a large number of valuable and respected jobs along with enhancing the skills in about 25 sectors. This includes automobiles, chemicals, IT and BPM, aviation industries, pharmaceuticals, construction, electrical machinery, food processing, defence, manufacturing, space, textiles, textiles, ports, leather, media and entertainment, health, mining, tourism, and hospitality., railways, automobile components, renewable energy, biotechnology, roads and highways, electronic systems, and thermal energy.

The successful implementation of this scheme will help in creating 100 smart city projects and affordable homes in India. Its main objective is to generate solid growth and valuable employment in the country with the help of major investors. It will benefit people on both sides, both investors and our country. The Government of India has created an online portal (makeinindia.com) and a dedicated support team for effective and easy communication of investors. There is also a dedicated shell dedicated to answer all queries of trading companies at any time.



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