Dry Fruits Names

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Dry fruits name and classification may differ in different parts of the world. The healthy dry fruits names list is compiled in great detail. There is also a dry fruits nutritional value chart for reference.Some dry fruits variety have a harder texture than others making them more difficult to eat, but they are still nutritious and provide many health benefits. There are many type of dry fruits available in the market.

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The most useful part of the dried fruit is that it can be eaten as a snack or consumed after adding it to other special Indian cuisines. These dried fruits enhance the texture, odor, and flavor of cuisines. Keeping them in a cold and dry place or jars makes them preserved from insects and other fungi, etc.


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Dry Fruit requires investment for all that to track down its worth. Nuts, for example, almonds and pecans are fundamental and costly in light of the fact that they contain such countless supplements that are really great for you. Indeed, even with food, you are continually looking for easy routes since we live in a quick moving world. Hence, dry products of the soil are a decent nibble to chomp on between dinners that are solid and flavourful. They have exceptionally high protein, nutrient, dietary fibre, and mineral items with a wide assortment of advantages.

Advantages of Dry Fruit

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  • Resistant framework sponsor
  • Weight reduction help
  • Keeps up with sound and kink-free skin
  • Obstruction is fought
  • Malignant growth forestalling benefits
  • Keep your heart solid
  • Bone wellbeing
  • The battle against pressure and sadness

Dry Fruits Names

  1. Almond
  2. Anise
  3. Apricot
  4. Arrowroot
  5. Basil seeds
  6. Betel
  7. Black Raisins
  8. Black Walnut
  9. Blueberry
  10. Brazil Nuts
  11. Cantaloupe Seeds
  12. Cashew nut
  13. Chestnut
  14. Coconut
  15. Corn Nut
  16. Cranberry
  17. Cudpahnut
  18. Dates
  19. Dry Apple
  20. Dry Banana
  21. Dry California fig
  22. Dry cherries
  23. Dry Dates
  24. Dry Fig
  25. Dry Goji
  26. Dry Kiwi
  27. Dry Mango
  28. Dry Mission fig
  29. Dry Nectarines
  30. Dry Orange
  31. Dry Papaya
  32. Dry Pears
  33. Dry Peatch
  34. Dry Pineapple
  35. Dry Plum
  36. Dry Strawberry
  37. Pine Nuts
  38. Pistachio
  39. Poppy Seeds
  40. Prunes
  41. Pumpkin seeds
  42. Raisins
  43. Saffron
  44. Sesame Seeds
  45. Soya Nuts
  46. Sultana currant
  47. Sunflower Seeds
  48. Walnut
  49. Watermelon Seeds
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